On innovation and recycled content (*this is not a list*)

What does innovation mean? At its root, innovation describes constructive change, improvement of an existing discovery, product or idea. But we get smacked upside the head by the word so often and see it bandied about on the Internet describing everything from particle accelerators to apps that will help you time your coffee intake that … Continue reading On innovation and recycled content (*this is not a list*)

The mystery of lighthouses

Last month, I published a feature in Lighthouse Digest¬†magazine about the restoration of the Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower, a 1960s era converted oil rig platform 30 miles off the Carolina coast, originally built to warn ships away from the namesake Frying Pan Shoals. As lighthouses go, this one is hideous -- a far cry … Continue reading The mystery of lighthouses

Camera Phone Photography: 5 quick tips

Camera phone technology has improved rapidly over the past three years, so much so that camera phones are overtaking digital point-and-shoots as the every day camera of choice for most smartphone users. Personally, I don't even carry a camera around these days unless on assignment for work or on holiday. My Droid X2's 8 megapixels, … Continue reading Camera Phone Photography: 5 quick tips