Pressing Reset

I’ve spent much of my recent life on trains. Specifically, a train. Specifically, the Amtrak that runs between Charlottesville and Washington, D.C. None of these train trips have been particularly memorable, but I like it that way. Train travel is the last civilized form of transportation, and the lack of spectacular personal disaster is satisfying.

The extra time not spent weaving through traffic or scurrying through terminal hallways offers time to think about all the things a fast-paced life has robbed us, and for me, one of the primary casualties is time to write. The lost opportunity to unpack thoughts on paper or screen has taken its toll on my communication skills and mental health, leaving cobwebs in some of the deeper parts of my brain.

And so, I’ve decided to take the tiny bits of free time I’ve found myself and devote them to updating this blog at least semi-regularly. I’m sorry to all who may have accidentally clicked here.

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