Travel Tuesday: My Favorite Travel Magazine

Reading travel magazines is sometimes frustrating. Many focus the bulk of their efforts on restaurant and hotel reviews. Others hawk guided tours. Still others highlight five star luxury that is out of reach for most of us. For the traveler seeking an immersive cultural experience versus a vacation, precious few options exist in the world of travel magazines, but one publisher consistently bucks that trend. Afar magazine, with the motto “Experiential Travel,” is the traveler’s travel magazine.

I’ve read the magazine off and on for some time now and have rarely been disappointed. A trip this morning to their homepage led me to articles like “The Best Way to Discover Italy’s Unspoiled Province,” a guide to traveling through Puglia, and “Is Slovenia the World’s Next Great Food Destination,” covering a country few casual tourists think to visit. There was also a photo essay on West African color patterns and a poem on air travel called “Understanding the Sky.”

And for those who still do want those restaurant reviews or destination guides, the Afar website also has those. They also hawk their own tours. But with Afar the commercialism feels different. The authenticity of their coverage makes me more likely to trust their restaurant and hotel reviews and, maybe, more likely to buy a tour from them. What do you think? Check them out at

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