New article on The Top 5 Argentine Wine Regions (That Aren’t Mendoza)

With an upcoming trip to Argentina — my first time back in the country since living/loafing there post-undergrad in 2007 — I took the opportunity to contribute a new post for Snooth. The piece, “The Top 5 Argentine Wine Regions (That Aren’t Mendoza”) was a great chance to research other wine regions in Argentina. I’m not actually GOING to any of those regions on this trip, choosing instead to lounge poolside at Entre Cielos in Mendoza. That said, I’ll definitely do my best to find some wines from this part of the country, either while exploring Buenos Aires before Mendoza or on the return to the U.S.

For any readers not already familiar with Snooth, I highly recommend checking them out. Not only do they have a great platform for exploring wine reviews and purchasing wine online, they also have a dedicated base of knowledgeable writers contributing articles. They also have me.

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