Star Wars: A New Hope?



I’ve devoted much of my week to thinking about Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and how that impacts the Star Wars franchise (hint: though the prequels sucked horrendously, I’m mostly excited because I think that this new momentum coupled with advanced technology means that fans stand a fighting chance of owning real lightsabers within our lifetimes).

But the real kicker is that never in my life did I think I would alternately be growing a mustache for charity ( … donate!) and getting hyped about a new Star Wars trilogy at the same time.

The opinions I’ve read have run the gamut from excited (Star Wars with the genius of Disney and without the leaden touch of George Lucas) to “meh” (Bill Simmons in Grantland “Let it go“) to unbridled derision (the prequels ruined Star Wars for a lot of people).

So, nerds, what’s your opinion?

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